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Review Policy

Review Policy

We love to read YA and provide our thoughts and feelings about a novel. We give an honest review but will never give a completely negative review. We use our site as a place to recommend books we enjoyed and think others will too, so we don’t see the benefit of negative reviews. And quite frankly, if we don’t like a book, we probably won’t finish it anyway. 

That's not to say every review will be completely positive. There may be something we didn't like about a novel– i.e. pace slowed in the middle – but as long as we liked it overall, and would recommend it to others, we’ll review it.

Our reviews include cover art, a synopsis of the novel (taken from Goodreads), a link to Amazon, our personal thoughts about the book, publication details, and usually a link to the author’s website. We also try to post our reviews on GoodReads and Amazon.
We recommend that to best get an idea of our review style, check out our past reviews. We are updating our list of reviews on our Review Page.

Review Requests:
We get many review requests and as such are unable to respond to each one. If you haven’t heard from us within a week, it’s safe to assume we probably determined the title wasn’t for us. We’re usually good at determining which of us is best to read and review the novel but if you’d like to request either Alyssa, Jake or Gregory, please let us know. 

Types of novels accepted: 
We’re a Young Adult fiction literature site because that’s what we love! Genres preferred:
  • Paranormal
  • urban fantasy
  • fantasy
  • romance
  • action/adventure
  • mysteries/thrillers
  • dystopian
  • steampunk
  • horror
  • contemporary
We take a smaller amount of contemporary fiction. And in regards to all genres, we don't accept novels with an overt use of explicit language, sexual content or graphic violence. Think PG-13 rather than R.
We currently don’t accept Adult literature but do accept a limited amount of Middle Grade.
At the moment we don’t accept e-books because we don’t have an e-reader.
If a book is accepted for review, it doesn’t guarantee that it will be read or a review will be posted.
While we do our best to read books in a timely manner, we have to deal with time constraints. If the book is an ARC, we’ll do our best to review it in the month surrounding the release date. When possible we will work with you regarding a specific date. However, in most cases we can’t promise a review by date.  
Interviews/Guest Posts/Blog Tours:
I am happy to host authors for an interview, guest post or a stop on a blog tour.

I'm happy to host a giveaway on The Story Siren, although I would prefer to be familiar with the author and his/her work.

Some books are received from publishers or authors. We do not accept/receive monetary compensation for our reviews.

We are currently affiliates with IndieBound, Amazon, Book Depository. Any compensation acquired from these programs go back into maintaining the blog in such ways as domain name, blog design, giveaway prizes, postage, etc.

Contact information:

Alyssa, Jake and Gregory
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