blo Teens Read and Write: 2 Cello Hotties, Glee and Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal

Saturday, February 4, 2012

2 Cello Hotties, Glee and Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal

Anybody see the latest Glee episode with the the 2 Cello hotties, Sulic and Hauser. I didn't know who they were but I wanted to find out MORE because they were smokin'!

They're Croatian cellists Luka Sulic (left, 24 years old) and Stjepan Hauser (25). They study at the Royal Academy of Music in London and the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. They're going on tour with Elton John!

The video that went viral.

The Glee version.

The Glee "Behind the Scenes" clip.

I could look at and listen to them all day. I'm a huge violin and cello fan. Guess who's music I just downloaded? I may be a little obsessed.

I can't choose between them so I'll have to take them both. But don't tell Melissa or Missie about these guys. Those greedy gals will try to steal them for their harems. Like they don't have enough man-candy!

Oh, and these boys were made fun of in high school for playing the cello. HA! Who's laughing now! Not me. I'm drooling.


Felicia Sparks said...

I am going to have to tell them because I want to see the fight LOL

We can sell tickets and make some cash :)

I love the cello players---my boss was showing me some of their other stuff and it was fantastic. Their talent floors me!

Aylee said...

haha, I also looked up these guys after the Glee episode aired. I love how intensely they cello-battle with each other.

mimz said...

Yessss! I totally loved those guys, they absolutely made the episode for me. Such a great performance!

Juju at Tales of said...

Love it! They remind me of Nuttin But Stringz and David Garrett.

LoriStrongin said...

OH MY GOD YES!!!!! I loved their Glee performance so much, I've been stalking them on the web to learn more about them and their performances. Certainly doesn't hurt that they're as good looking as they are talented!


Vicky B said...

When I watched that episode of Glee, and then they were there, I just about had a heart attack. I was like, "Oh my God, it's them!!!" But there was no one there to hear me yelling...


So cool!! Instead of dueling banjo's it's dueling cello's! LOL
I got my son and my husband to watch it and they thought it was cool! I miss glee most of the time so I missed these guys!
Please always update me on the things I miss on Glee or the musical phenoms I should know about, I'm hopelessly lost as it is!!


Missie, The Unread Reader said...

FYI! I did spot them on Glee! They were amazing! But, now I'm kind of jealous. You did a great job of stalking the guys to find out more about them. Please feel free to share your best stalking tips. :P

A Canadian Girl said...

I still haven't watched an episode of Glee but those guys are hot! Especially Stjepan :)

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

oooh i have this one recorded! i haven't watched it yet.

Anonymous said...

Musicians are just hot and in a league all their own. Classical types are just as swoon worthy as the guitar guys...>;D

Love this post....!!!

Faye Mcdonald said...

for serious lol they are hot-t, but I was more focused and Sam lol!!!

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