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Monday, November 28, 2011

Movie Review: Breaking Dawn

We took the plunge and saw Breaking Dawn (part 1) this weekend. They kept it true to the book which is good in that it's authentic to the story, but bad in that this was our least favorite book in the series.

The Good:
  • Kristen Stewart hardly ever gasped
  • Kristen Stewart hardly ever stuttered
  • In general, Stewart's acting is improved
  • Charlie - every scene he's in is a treat. Loved his wedding speech.
  • Jessica's wedding speech.
  • Bella looked absolutely horrible, which made her transformation at the end very dramatic.
  • Edward "in shock"
  • Bella trying to seduce Edward - very funny
  • Alice is always adorable
  • The very good supporting cast
  • Jacob with his shirt off
  • Fighting scenes
  • Always enjoy Edward

The Not So Good
  • It was slow. Lots of lingering looks and not much happening. They should not have made this into two movies.
  • The mental, or psychic, chat between the wolves.
  • Bella and Jacob during their moment at the wedding. It just seemed awkward.
  • Lack of uber hot chemistry between Edward and Bella 
  • Jacob only had his shirt off once

The Creepy
  • Edward eating Bella
  • The birth
  • The CGI baby face of Renesmee
  • The imprinting. Sorry, it's still weird.

We went in with an open mind and didn't hate it, but it wasn't fantastic. Part of that is due to us not being crazy about the book and part is the splitting it up into two films. There just isn't enough going on to make it exciting. 

The theater had a lot of people commenting throughout, and laughing in moments where it was not intended to be funny. 

Several guys were part of a couple and clearly attending just for their girlfriends. During the imprinting scene, one guy behind us said, "Wait. So he's a pedophile now?"

So will you see it? Have you seen it? What was your Twilight Saga experience?


Julie@My5monkeys said...

those were some of my thoughts too. I saw it and agree with the good and the bad. It was cheese fest.

I wanted the scene with rosie and jacob and calling him a dog. It needed more laughter with the pregnancy and wanted more leah info. Overall I enjoyed it.

yeah for better kristen acting :)

Stina said...

I haven't seen it yet. I read one article in the newspaper in which the only good thing about the movie was the honeymoon scene. The reviewer wouldn't shut up about it.

What you do mean Jacob only had his shirt off one????? Wasn't it in Taylor's contract that it had to come off at least 10 times???? It should have been. :D

Missie, The Unread Reader said...

*spit take*

The Creepy: Edward eating Bella!!!

YES! I agree with all your points. Why did they have to do a GCI of a baby? It made no sense. I really wish they hadn't done that. The imprinting was totally weird.

I loved every Charlie moment. :)

LoriStrongin said...

So yeah, I totally have to agree with those guys at the theater you overheard. That imprinting thing is just creepy. Did you hear that that scene, and the birth scene, have reportedly given some kids seizures because of the black-white flash thing?


Julia @ That Hapa Chick said...

I haven't read the books or seen any of the movies (only part of New Moon) so I don't really know much about the series but seriously EDWARD EATS BELLA?!?!?! Like when he rips the baby out of her uterus he eats some of her or something? Twilight just got a heck of a lot creepier..... >.<

Alyssa Kirk said...

Julie: the cheese was abundant. That was a great scene!

Stina: For our sakes, Jacob needs a better contract.

Missie: as if the imprinting wasn't weird enough, they add a CGI baby? Charlie is the best things about the Twilight Saga. Other than Jacob with his shirt off, of course!

Lori: that imprinting thing never sits well. I was just reading about the seizures. So bizarre!

Julia: Yeah, he has to chew his way through to get the baby out. So maybe he wasn't actually swallowing her flesh but, come on, the blood and...yucky stuff all over his face was uncomfortable to watch. And rather gross. Maybe that contributed to the seizures Lori was talking about. I know it made me nauseous!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Still need to see this. I'm saddened that there was only one shirt off scene for Jacob. LOL

The comments... LOL

Love the review!

Small Review said...

I don't even know where to begin! I love this entire breakdown from the noticed lack of gasping to the section titled The Creepy! Points to you :) I'm waiting until this comes out on DVD so I can laugh as loud as I want to.

Lea (YA Book Queen) said...

Well, glad to see that the good sort of outweighs the bad/creepy (and that Stewart's acting has improved). My mom wants to see this one, so I'm planning on taking her this weekend as an early part of her X-mas gift :)

And yay! Glad Charlie is part of "The Good". He's always so amusing!

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