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Thursday, July 21, 2011


We asked Amber Kizer, author of WILDCAT FIREFLIES, to give us her Top Ten Supernatural Creatures. Here's the scoop! 

(in no particular order...maybe!) 

God's right hand never looked so good!
Gods and Goddesses
Yes, he is a god!
With a KILLER smile!
Shape Shifters and Were People
Two Generations of Were-Hunks!
How could he NOT be a favorite!
Witches and Wizards
The Creme de la Creme of Witches and Wizards!
(there’s something not-of-this world about tapping into story and sharing that with others in a way they feel it)

Thanks for stopping by and excellent point about Storytellers! Enjoy the Eye Candy. Authors are so helpful in giving us perfect excuses for it! And be sure to check out our glowing WILDCAT FIREFLIES review

Who are your top Supernatural Beings?

Author: Amber Kizer
pub: July 12, 2011
genre: Teen Fiction/Paranormal
Meridian Sozu is a Fenestra—the half-human, half-angel link between the living and the dead. She has the dark responsibility of helping souls transition safely into the afterlife. If people die without the help of a Fenestra, their souls are left vulnerable to be stolen by the Aternocti, a dark band of forces who disrupt the balance of good and evil in the world and cause chaos.
Having recently lost her beloved Auntie—the woman who showed her what it meant to be a Fenestra—Meridian has hit the road with Tens, her love and sworn protector, in hopes of finding another Fenestra. Their search leads them to Indiana, where Juliet, a responsible and loving teenager, works tirelessly in the nursing home where she and several other foster kids are housed. Surrounded by death, Juliet struggles to make a loving home for the younger kids, and to protect them from the violent whims of their foster mother. But she is struggling against forces she can't understand . . . and even as she feels a pull toward the dying, their sickness seems to infect her, weighing her down. . . .
Will Meri and Tens find Juliet in time to save her from a life of misery and illness? And will Meri and Tens' own romance weather the storms of new discoveries?


Blodeuedd said...

If angels looked liked Castiel then I would not say no ;)
And those are my favs too

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

oh Misha! He is just hotness personified :)

I think you covered all of the supernatural beings in that pst! I really like Witches and Warlocks because they are the most "human" so always fun to read!

Jenny said...

Oh my. Look at all those lovely pictures. I think Thor and Alcide are my favorites *drools*. I'm such a huge fan of mythology , so I would say Gods and Goddesses are my current supernatural beings of choice:) Though Eric and the vampires are making a pretty strong case for themselves in that picture!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Um... I'd say my fave supernaturals tend to be shirtless... uh, I mean smexy... uh... heck, you know what I mean. Unfortunately! ;D

Jenny N. said...

My fav would be werewolves because they always have a bit of the animal inside of them. But I will never get tired of staring at the picture of Eric from True Blood.

nymfaux said...

mmmmmmm...*drool* My favorites are all of the above!!! Way to start my morning on a good note!!!--I've been smiling all day!!!

Also, sounds like a fun book!--Will keep an eye out for it!!! :)

(although I am curious how much Jake and Gregory helped pick out the pictures) ;)

Missie, The Unread Reader said...

Vampires, duh! Because hello, they can be all of these things.

Fun, fun post.

Tales of Whimsy said...

I'm a were girl. I love the mysticism behind it.

OMG Amber! I want to read Wildcat Fireflies SOOOO bad!

FAB FAB list.

alyssa said...

I like your blog. :)

Alyssa Kirk said...

Linda: And no one would blame you!

Felicia: Love Misha! Did you see the Supernatural episode where he was tweeting his "Mishamigos"? Priceless

Jenny: Thor and Alcide are so hot but Eric has made himself heard! I'll go back to slobbering now.

Melissa: Shirtless...smexy...I'll add those to the list!

Jenny: You like the wild ones! Yes, that picture makes me gaga!

Nymfaux: Oh you’d be surprised. Jake and Gregory are stay-in-shape workout fanatics so while they don’t drool and breath heavily – like me - they definitely help pick out which bodies are in tip top shape. Besides, they like to give the ladies what they want!

Missie: Aren’t you the clever one! Were's are the true Renaissance Supernaturals!

Juju: Nice pick. So would you go for young Jacob or the more mature Alcide?

Lyssa: Thanks and welcome. You stopped by on a great day to do some ogling! Is Lyssa short for A-Lyssa?

A Canadian Girl said...

I love Eric especially now that he has lost his memories. I'd totally help him figure out what has happened except I wouldn't want him biting me.

Other supernatural beings I'd add to that list are faeries.

Liz @ Cleverly Inked said...

Yummy Post, I'm reading WF curently

LoriStrongin said...

There is nothing wrong with this post!!!!!

And I'm intrigued by the book blurb. I'll look forward to reading more about this story.

(P.S., thanks for the epic eye candy!!!)


Rubita said...

Shifters, definitely. They do the alpha thing so well. *Sigh of pleasure*

ElfRenee said...

Don't forget halfbloods of many of these are interesting, too. :)

YA Book Queen said...

Love that Amber added in storytellers in the end, I wouldn't ever think of that but it truly does make sense.

Fabulous post (and even more fabulous eye candy - I can always count on there being at least one shirtless guy on TR&W!)

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