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Friday, February 18, 2011

Cover Reveal: SUPERNATURALLY by Kiersten White

Amazing, right?!
Here it is -  the fantabulous cover for Kiersten White's, SUPERNATURALLY! I think I love it even more than the first in the series, PARANORMALCY. It's the red. Such a rich color. Also, her eyes have that silvery, supernatural, glow.  And it's one of those wonderful wrap-arounds. Love those.

The only blurb/synopsis I could find was:
Life's never fair when faeries are involved. 
Yeah, not much. You get more on the back cover. But come on, we know PARANORMALCY lovers are not going to be disappointed! Also Kiersten is having a contest - You come up with your own original cover blurb. To enter go to her blog before Monday 2/21. 

Enjoy the Cover Love and have a great weekend!


Tales of Whimsy said...

I know. I love it. I'm so glad they got the same girl. And thank you for the tagline. I hadn't seen that part :)

Orchid said...

With two really pretty covers I wonder what the third one will look like. Can't wait for Supernaturally to be released. ^_^

YA Book Queen said...

The cover rocks! I'm glad that it's similar to Paranormalcy, so that way they'll look great side by side :)

Jessica said...

I must say I actually like this cover alot more than Paranormalcy. It's beautiful.

Jenny N. said...

So happy they went with the same cover theme as Paranormalcy and the model is gorgeous.

Blodeuedd said...

It looks great! I'd pick it up :=)

Nina said...

This cover is fab! I would buy it in a hearbeat. I agree with another blogger that said that her eyes look tired. :)

Critica said...

So pretty!

Ladytink_534 said...

Oh I really, really like this cover! You can definitely tell it's related to Paranormalcy but I think I like it better.

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Ahh, I know. I love the rich colors, and, lol, great quote. :3

Unknown said...

Hi Alyssa!

Hope you made it to the release of I Am Number Four! Hoping to see it today!

I freaking love this cover, I have Paranormalcy which I'm going to have to read quickly. This one looks like a must have!

Dottie :)

Small Review said...

So pretty! I love the dress and the red colors. It looks like it'll suit the book really well. I am so happy the same cover model was used.

Lola said...

LOVE it! Can't wait to read it! :D

Candy Reviews said...

What is the Girl on the cover of the book name? She's soo beautiful. Can't wait for Endlessly

Candy Reviews said...

What is the girl on the cover of the book name? She's beautiful. Can't wait for Endlessly

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