Thursday, September 30, 2010


Banned Books Week continues to inspire passionate discussion and debate within the book blogging community! 

On our post 
where we talk about Natalie's post on Mindful Musings regarding Dr. Scroggins wanting to ban 

 Carol T (buddyt) had one of our most thought-provoking comments.
"While I agree totally that banning books is the action of a cretin, I worry that by giving so much time and blog posts to Scroggins we are only doing what he wants! Namely giving him publicity and inadvertantly helping him spread his childish views.
Carol T"

That's definintely something to think about! 

We responded:
"We understand your point - it kind of brings up the adage that "any publicity, even bad publicity is good publicity"- but we hope that the information gets to people who don't believe in banning books and inspires them to speak out and/or support banned books. 

We hear a lot of people say they didn't realize a book they know, and perhaps was a favorite, was banned, and can't understand why it was banned. Making people aware (who may not be) and who don't believe in banning books, might cause them to take some positive action. It's important to get the information out there and then let people make their own decisions - kind of like getting the books printed and letting people decide for themselves what they want to read!"

Thanks, Carol! We love our Followers/Commentors - they're so smart!

And again, when it comes to YA we passionately encourage parents to take an interest (research and even read!) what books are available to your kids and what they're reading! It's a way for parents and kids to bond and promotes discussion!

Now, it's your turn - 
Are we helping Scroggins promote banning books by giving him publicity? 

NOTE: Since putting together this post we've found out from Natalie that the banned books have a waiting list at the local libraries and Missouri State University students made it on the news when they took up the cause  - check out the video below.

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Miranda said...

I honestly think it could go either way. I think shouting out about this issue can help it, but it could also help Scroggins. I think staying silent would help Scroggins, but hinder our cause. The unjust banning of books. I think the only way to rise above this issue is to speak out, but speaking out can als help Scroggins. I think everyone should keep that in mind, but think either way his cause will be seen. But our cause? That will only be seen when we speak out. So I encourange everyone to keep their stand.

Natalie said...

I think that, if nothing else, Scroggins' article has gotten the word out there about book banning. People on my campus are talking about it before and after class, and some of them didn't even think that people today still banned books! Even if we do end up giving Scroggins more publicity than he deserves, at least he brought the book banning controversy to the forefront. Whether people agree with Scroggins, or they agree with us, at least they're expressing their opinions in public now!

Blodeuedd said...

That is very thought provoking, but I feel no. I mean yes he gets to stand in the spotlight, but everyone around gets to read why i's so wrong, and perhaps wants to try Speak for themselves

Golden Eagle said...

I think that as long as most people believe that banning books is wrong, giving Scroggins and other people the spotlight may give them more attention but will also reveal the fact it's happening--and hopefully people will speak up about it.

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

I think in a way we are helping Scroggins because of the publicity the entire situation has gotten thus far. When people read about what Scroggins has attempted to do, it may make them realize that they could easily do the same. Unfortunately, there will be those who wholeheartedly agree with him and will fight to ban books, just as he has.

But we also have to realize that with every person who agrees with Scroggins, there are probably 10x that many who do not. In getting the problem out there, more book banners are bound to come out, but more proponents of our freedom to read will also come out and support the issue. There are pros and cons to sticking up for what you believe is right, but the most we can do is continue to stand up for our beliefs and for our freedoms and stay civil in these situations. This situation with Scroggins really demonstrates how someone really needs to know what they are fighting for and against before the make a move because Scroggins clearly has no idea what Speak, Twenty Boy Summer, and Slaughterhouse-Five are about, or he wouldn't be calling for them to be banned for the reasons he listed.

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