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Friday, July 9, 2010

LINGER Release Date Moved UP!

Just heard from Amelia over at The Authoress: Book Reviews and More (check our her great blog) that the release date for LINGER by Maggie Stiefvater has been moved up from July 20 to July 13.

Let's hear a "Woo-Hoo!" 

I had to change it in my Release Date Calendar Book (does anyone else have one of those?) but am thrilled to do so.

Amelia's going to be camped out at the bookstore, I've pre-ordered it since I live in the boondocks and can't always get away. I'm wondering...How do you usually get your favorite hot new book that you've GOTTA have on release day? 

Order it online?

Camp out at the bookstore fighting for first in line and chanting "Open! Open! Open!" while slobbering  on the glass door? 

For July and August my big picks are...

Authors I've Read
Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare
The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa 
and of course, Linger

For new authors:
Siren by Tricia Rayburn
I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore
  Halo by Alexandra Adornetto
Paranormalcy by Kiersten White
There are more and I'll put together a complete list for an upcoming post but these are the ones that stuck out in my mind. 

What books are your most anticipated?



Tales of Whimsy said...

Sweeet! I love when that happens :)

Vicki S said...

Actually, depending on where you go, you can get Linger now. I was really freaked out, but I saw it on the shelves at Borders. It's actually kinda sad because Stiefvater had publishing events and parties all lined up for the week leading up to the 20th...but there must have been a communication error because the books are on the shelves already.

VampAngel said...

Hi! I'm visiting because of the blog hop. Great place! I LOVE your background and your whole design!

I'm a follower.

I'll be hanging around awhile.

VampAngel's Reviews: To Read or Not To Read It? That is The Question

Must Love Books said...

haha slobbering on the glass door. That cracked me up. I normally just run to Borders as fast as I can. If they don't have it, I'll drive to every bookstore in town until I find it.

Cass said...

I'm receiving an ARC for Linger. :) I need to read Shiver first, don't I? xD It looks amazing, so I hope that doesn't disappoint. (I'll probably buy a PB of shiver to have a close symmetry between the two) I'm looking forward to all of them--all are in my TBR! Especially want to read Halo and Paranormalcy.

Amelia said...

You're so awesome, Alyssa. Thanks for the link. :D

I cannot wait for Paranormalcy (isn't that a fabulous title!?) and Halo looks awesome (a fabulous cover). [I need to stop using the word 'fabulous'. Overusage pending...]

The one thing I hate about pre-ording is that you have to wait a few more days for shipping. I mean, I want it the DAY IT COMES OUT!!! XD So I can't stand to pre-order books. Then again, I'm in a very populated area (Charlotte, NC) so Borders and Books-A-Million (AKA: Books-A-Thousand) are right near me. (Though I can't go to both, because they're in the completely opposite directions of each other. But you can't have everything in life so...Borders all the way! XD)

Oh! I should get a calendar for upcoming releases on my blog. I already have one on my regular calendar right here beside my desk, but transferring it online would be a nice touch. Thanks for the idea! (I'll totally give you credit. XD)

Happy reading!


Alyson Greene said...

MOCKINGJAY is number one on my "most anticipated release" list. I'll definitely be slobbering on the door for that one.
I'll be at the store for CLOCKWORK ANGEL too.

I'm also excited for BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS and DELIRIUM, but I'll have to wait a while for those.

andrea b said...

Mockingjay!! :D

YA Book Queen said...

It got moved up? Yes!!

Ah, I'm definitely really looking forward to Mockingjay...I've had my copy pre-ordered for months ;)

Candace said...

Saw Linger at Borders the other day! Since I had got my hands on an ARC I stopped obsessing about it so I was shocked but figured I'd just missed some update or something. Pretty cool but now my friends and family are bugging me because THEY want to read it! What do they NOT understand about me being a book buying ban?! Oh well, they'll wait for now. But my ban will stop so I can put in my preorder in August for Clockwork Angel, Paranormalcy, Beautiful Darkness and probably some others I'm not thinking of right now. Can't WAIT!

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