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Monday, June 21, 2010

Lots of Questions! What do you think?

Miz B at Should Be Reading on todays Monday Musings asks: 

Question: What are your top 2-3 favorite genres (the ones you read most from)?

Answer: We are are all big Urban Fantasy/Paranormal fans. That's easily our number one favorite. Then we have a mix between Straight Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Murder/Mystery/Thriller, and Romance (okay, so Jake and Gregory don't do much romance). 

Now, our question (always thanks to Eleni @ La Femme Readers for having us ask questions) to any book reviewers is:

Question: If you don't like a particular genre, do you still read and review those types of books and/or do you think can give a fair review of a book if you don't like the genre?

Answer: In the past we haven't read a huge amount of books outside our favorite genres but we've been trying to broaden our horizons and have started reading a few books we wouldn't normally.  We think you can still give a fair review based on the quality of the writing, characterization, plot etc., as a good read is always recognizable, but we think our best reviews are going to be on the types of books we read most. So while horizons are broadening, for now, our reviews will remain mostly in the area of our favorites.

 Eleni has her Question of the Day up: 

Question: Do you prefer short and sweet reviews or long and detailed?

Answer: We all like short and sweet as long as there is enough info to help make a critical choice as to whether or not we want to read the book. A lot of detail about the book isn't critical, but clear opinions are. And please, no spoilers!

Now we're wondering what all of your answers are! 

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Liz @ Cleverly Inked said...

I agree with the short reviews. I personally don't care for reviews that are 3 paragraphs long. I just need to know the basis and if it was good or not

caite said...

I am all about the mysteries, but one thing I think I like about blogging is that it has forced me to expand my reading horizons a bit.

Anonymous said...

I read books from all genres although by favourite would have to be contemporary/"realistic" fiction. Just regular people with regular problems. :)

As far as review length goes, I'm fine with both. I don't mind either or. Sometimes though, when I'm pressed for time I'll just look at the general rating present or the overall section that sums up the bloggers feelings in a few short sentences.

Sarah said...

I enjoy reading fantasy and historical genres the most. And I know what you mean when you say that you have to expand the horizon. There isn't much choice when you're really picky with books.

Yvonne said...

I like some paranormal, but it's mostly mysteries and thrillers for me.

Blodeuedd said...

My favs would be Fantasy, UF and Romance (all types included there).

But I do think that I could not really review a thriller or a mystery as could as it deserved since I am not interested in the genre

Candace said...

I prefer short reviews also. Otherwise I tend to skim reading the review. But sometimes I find writing a short review is impossible! It just depends on the book.

Candace said...

I prefer short reviews also. Otherwise I tend to skim reading the review. But sometimes I find writing a short review is impossible! It just depends on the book.

Eleni said...

Good question my lovelys! Um, I think I'd give the genre a chance. Even thought I'm primarily devoted to YA, I try not to be biased. I might be missing out on a great book if I don't give it a chance :)

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