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Monday, April 19, 2010

What's Your Opinion of Re-Vamped Classics?

question-mark3aHere’s the Question of the Day inspired by Eleni @ La Femme Readers

Question (Okay 4 questions):
Do re-vamped classics appeal to you?
Have you read any? If so, how were they?
Do you think it a fun idea or does it minimalize the importance of the original work?
I THINK…Even if the original classic didn’t appeal to me, I’d be willing to try a re-vamped version. I haven’t yet so I can’t say I’m dying to. Something else always gets priority. 
But I love paranormal/urban fantasy so a classic with that kind of twist would be most interesting to me. 

I’ve heard Pride Prejudice and Zombies is very good – and since I did enjoy the original I’d probably start with that one.

I could never get into Little Women so even with the werewolves, it would be a lower priority on my list, if on the list at all.

If I like the characters, I think it would be fun to read about them in a funky scenario. It’s kind of like reading about them in an alternate dimension. Fun!

I don’t think a re-vamp classic can tarnish the original. The original is a classic,and what makes it a classic can’t be undone by a copy-cat or re-vamp version. 

Anything that helps promote reading is good with me. And the publicity of a re-vamp could spur some new interest in the original. 

What do you think?
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Eleni said...

Great question! I don't really have a problem with them re-vamping literature. I mean the classics will never be taken away, we can always go back and read the original. However the new versions gives a chance for the new generation to know who these timeless authors are. I think it's a great thing :)

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I've read good mash-ups and bad ones. The latest good mash-up I've read was Jane Slayre. That one was a fun read. However, if you don't like your classics "messed" with, then don't read these. If you don't mind a bit of fun with the classic, then go for it! You may be disappointed or pleasantly surprised.

Paper Cut Reviewer said...

I think it's a fun idea but not too sure if I wanna read a revamped classic. I think its because I prefer to keep a classic the way I originally read it...that intial feeling you know. Sounds cool but just not for me. Thanks this post interesting:)

Tales of Whimsy said...

While I don't think they tarnish the original in anyway, they don't appeal to me.

Great question :)

Leanna Elle said...

I haven't read any of these so I can't comment on the quality of the writing. However, I'm not really sure what to think of all of this. It's a bit like seeing Wuthering Heights with Twilight references on the front cover (they revamped the book covers of Wuthering Heights with the tag 'Bella and Edward's favourite book'?!. To me it seems very strange, and I'm not sure these would appeal to me.

I'm not a huge Austen fan, but Sense & Sensibility and sea monsters just sounds plain silly!

Great question, Alyssa!

titania86 said...

I love mashups! Of course there are some bad ones, but the majority I have read are great! They get people to read classics that they might not have otherwise. And they don't stop people from enjoying the originals.

titania86 said...

I love mashups! Of course there are some bad ones, but the majority I have read are great! They get people to read classics that they might not have otherwise. And they don't stop people from enjoying the originals.

Emidy @ Une Parole said...

This is a great topic to talk about! Personally, I'm not a huge vampire fan to begin with so I probably wouldn't read the spin-offs. But many people would enjoy them, so I see nothing wrong with it. It's actually a neat idea!

Unknown said...

A good writer wouldn't need to rely on a classic, they would be able to come up with an original idea. I think re-vamping is just an easy way for a bad writer to cash in on the success of others. Throwing zombies into a classic is just lazy writing.

Donna (Bites) said...

I think the idea is to revamp the classic and then possibly get the reader to read the classic for comparison. Hey, if it gets people reading, I'm all for it.

Lori said...

I hate the idea of them and refuse to read them. I did an article very simular to this recently and asked the same thing. Jane would be rolling in her grave. It's like no body can't think of something original anymore. *sighs*

Stina said...

I love Prada & Prejudice, but I'm not sure if classics meets paranormal is my thing. But since I like the classics and I like YA paranormals, maybe they are my thing and I just don't know it. :)

bookaholic said...

I haven't read any but the idea quite appeals to me. Would like to read such a book someday :)

Golden Eagle said...

I might read a re-vamped classic, as long as the writing is good. Good writing is, after all, the point of reading a book, in my view. But there are other reasons too.

Raspberry said...

It drives me nuts - I feel like they've slaughtered the original piece of work. It's a classic for a reason - good writing, good characters, etc. Imagine if you wrote a book that was so well done that they started making it required reading in high school. And then a few years later someone came along and added zombies or something totally out of blue. I think it would bother me, and I'm pretty sure Austen and the rest of them are about turning over in their graves...
ooo,now that's an interesting thought. :)

Anonymous said...

I think re-vamped classics are really fun and funny. I hope they garner interest in the originals. Just as long as readers keep in mind that the originals ARE trying to say something on their own, without the distraction of vampires and sea monsters. :)

Rachel Heston Davis
Up and Writing

Liz @ Cleverly Inked said...

I could go either way. The covers are what bother me. Ehh

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