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Friday, April 30, 2010

Sucks to be Me

Sucks to be Me
by Kimberly Pauley
pub: Aug 2009/Mirrorstone
304 pages

Mina Hamilton's parents want her dead. (Or undead to be precise.) They're vampires, and like it or not, Mina must decide whether to become a vampire herself.

But Mina's more interested in hanging out with best friend Serena and trying to catch the eye of the too-hot-for-high-school Nathan Able than in the vampire training classes she's being forced to take.
How's a girl supposed to find the perfect prom date and pass third-year French when her mom and dad are breathing down her neck--literally?

This was a surprising treat. I don't know why I didn't expect much from Sucks To Be Me, but it turned out to be a lot of fun.

Mina is a feisty character, full of humor and intelligence. I loved the sassy voice she maintained throughout. She's a loyal friend and has a good relationship with her parents. Yeah, she gets mad at their lack on info on the vampire thing but they work it out.

Her uncle comes off as a silly nitwit but then even he ends up working with Mina's best interests at heart. Serena is a solid BFF (you know I hate those boy-crazy twits).

I like the way the romance sets up. Sure the dark, mysterious guy is attractive, but lets not ignore the quiet nice fellow that is there when you need him. It all stays very sweet and innocent which I liked. These kids are young and based on their personalities and upbringing, a hot steamy romance would seem out of character.

The vampire training classes are entertaining as is this whole book. Each chapter begins with Vampire Myth that Mina shoots down. The first one is Myth: Vampires Don't Exist. Truth: Dead Wrong. And on it goes.

Sucks To Be Me is a light enjoyable read, and quick. I finished it in a day. But the fast pace helped with that too. I liked the theme of family and friends sticking by each other through good and bad. There's a good little twist/surprise at the end and overall
Sucks to be Me is simply fun.

Still Sucks To Be Me comes out May 2010 so if you like this one, the sequel is available too. I recommend checking them both out. It's probably better for younger teens but older teens who aren't looking for a dark, angst filled story will enjoy it too.

The Cover: Don't like it. Probably one of the reasons I didn't expect much from the book. But glad I got past it - the content will keep you smiling.

First Lines: My parents are trying to ruin my life. Oh yeah, I know that every teenager says that, but I really mean it. They want me dead. Or, actually, undead.
Good. Very cute and I love the voice.


Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Awesome review! I'm glad it's good, I agree that the cover is kinda "eh", makes it seem kinda cheesy. I'm glad it's more than that!

Eleni said...

Nice review, sounds like a cute read!

Tales of Whimsy said...

What an awesome review. I love your points about the romance. Well done darling!

Sara said...

Great review! This books dounds like a lot of fun and I'm loving Mina's voice so far!

Darlyn said...

Wow..A nice great review.I probably will like this too.and you are right, i dont like the cover too..

Blodeuedd said...

Lol, this one sounds fun, and I do not like all the angst that are in YA books so it would be good

Katelyn said...

Just stopped by from the blog hop, already a follower but wanted to say hi and have a good weekend! I hadn't heard about Sucks to be Me but I added to my TBR after reading your review, thanks for the rec!

Unknown said...

This book sounds so great! I definitely want to read it.

elaing8 said...

great review.I've had this one for awhile now but keep putting it off.I'll have to read it soon.

liraelwiddershins said...

Glad you liked it! Hope you like the second one too!

Alexia561 said...

Glad you liked this one, as I thought it was a fun read. Agree with you about the cover, but LOVE the title! *L*

Nina said...

Great review! I read this book too and thought it was so much fun. The ending was suprising!! I havent seen Still Sucks to be Me at the store, but I am going to look for it! I liked the myths a lot, they where fun too read and made me laugh!

Kris (Voracious YAppetite) said...

This book sounds really cute! Love the first lines and the way each chapter starts. Sounds like a good summer read!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Love the first line - that would catch me right there!

The Library Lurker said...

I just got this one from the library! I'm really glad that you liked it, great review!

Ladytink_534 said...

I'm not to crazy about the cover either but the story itself sounds interesting.

jiggiagrawal said...

its great novel covering most of the vampire stuff going on the internet and else where and proving the existence of vampires as normal as one can think of in this world of secrets... i loved it coz of mina's innocence and her relationships wid all of them... its truely a fairy tale coz noone's dat lucky.. but maybe vampire luck... i love georgey character...

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