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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Teaser Tuesday 01/05/10

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly meme hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading. Here's what you do...

  • Grab your current read
  • flip to a random page
  • select a few sentences from anywhere on the page
  • try not to include any SPOILERS!
  • make sure you tell the name of book and the author so we can add the book to our TBR pile!
Please feel free to add your link below so it's easy for others to check out your posts!

"Was it a test?" she asked. "I mean, I know I'm still new at this. I'm still the rookie. Did you hang back to test me, to see if I'd be able to handle it alone?"

"Well, kind of," he said. "Actually, no, nothing like that. My shoelace was untied. That's why I was late. That's why you were alone."

"I could have been killed because you were tying your shoelace?"

"An untied shoelace can be dangerous," he said. "I could have tripped." She stared at him. A moment dragged by. "I'm joking," he said at last.

She relaxed. "Really?"

"Absolutely, I would never have tripped. I'm far too graceful."

Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing with Fire, Derek Landy p. 21

And then came the moment when the tires left the icy surface altogether. And with a surge of terror Alex knew that they had come off the edge of the rockface. Then they were in the air with the black frozen waters of Loch Arkaig far below them. For half a second the car hung in the air. Then it pitched forward and plunged down.

Alex Ryder - Crocodile Tears, Anthony Horowitz p. 61

He jumped onto a fallen tree and leaped. Daniel grabbed at a root but he barely touched it. He kicked off the wall and flew another six feet up the slope. His feet touched down on a rock outcropping. Daniel grabbed onto a tree branch that sagged over the top of the cliff-with only one hand. And then we were up and over the top.

The Dark Divine, Bree Despain p. 159


Anonymous said...

Back-to-back great books. Love the cover of Playing with Fire, but am a huge Anthony Horowitz fan!

Tales of Whimsy said...

Oooo I love that I get 3 teasers here :)

Faye( Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm) said...

awesome teaser, My fave is TDD! i really want 2 read that book!

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Woah, three awesome covers (and great teasers)! Loved TDD, and happy reading everyone! :)

Corrine said...

Loved all three teasers! Really want to read "The Dark Divine"! :)

Nikki @ Bookizzle said...

3 excellent teasers! Loved The Dark Divine, and I really need to get started on the Alex Rider series.

Monster of Books said...

Aww The Dark Divine was a awesome book :) Looks like a amazing books, enjoy :)

Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

Love those teasers! I totally loved TDD :)

mariska said...

the Dark Divine is still my favorite teaser :)

kalea_kane said...

What great teasers! Well done! Fabulous choices, you definitely got me interested!

Athira said...

Looks like some fantastic reads!!

Mel (He Followed Me Home) said...

Great teasers...I'm loving my cutrrent book but am super excited to start TDD soon!!!

Sandy said...

These were all great teasers! I'm more excited for TDD because I'm getting it in the mail! x) You know, this is the second time I've seen a Skulduggery book on the blogosphere. I might just have to read these books...

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