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Friday, January 15, 2010

Ninth Grade Slays: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod

9th Grade Slays
by Heather Brewer

pub: April 2008
288 pages


If middle schoo
l sucked for Vladimir Tod, high school is a real drain. besides being a punching bag for bullies, he still stalled with dream girl Meredith, and he's being tallied by a photographer from the school. Needless to say, practicing his vampire skills hasn't exactly been a priority for Vlad...till now. A monumental trip to Siberia with Uncle Otis is Vlad's crash course to vampire 101. Training alongside the most gifted vampires is exactly what Vlad needs to sharpen those mind controlling skills he's been avoiding. And he better get it right, because the battle brewing back home with the slayer who's been stalking him..... could be Vlad's last.

9th Grade Slays is the second book in this series and follows the further adventures of teenage vamp Vladimir Todd. You can read Jakes' review of 8th Grade Bites, which is the first in the series.

Vlad is still trying to keep his identity secret and struggling to find his teenage-vampire place in the world. Only best friends Henry and Nelly know his secret. Vlad continues to develop all of his wicked cool powers - two of my favorites are levitation and mind reading/control.

Brewer did a good job writing a novel that will appeal to younger teen (MG) boys. While I can't say I love 9th Grade Slays (it's no Percy Jackson), it is a good read and refreshing because it is written from a guy's perspective. If you've got MG boys looking for something that is more action and not smothered in romance, you can feel confident recommending this series.

By the way, if you haven't read the Percy Jackson series, read those first. They target the same audience and are fabulous! Not to mention the movie is coming out next month!

The Cover: I'm not impressed. The whole series has this look. It's boring overall, and too cartoonish for my tastes.

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brizmus said...

I think I possibly said it at the review of 8th Grade Bites, but I totally LOVE these covers!! To each his own, I suppose. I've definitely got to check out the Lightning THief, and then maybe I'll get to these.

Shweta said...

I love the Percy Jackson series..It's one of the best series ever :)

I have heard about Vladimir Todd series but haven't read them yet. Nice review

Tales of Whimsy said...

Great review.
I have to agree with you on the cover. Something about them just doesn't sit with me.

Alexia561 said...

Will be nice to read something from a guy's point of view for once. Will put these on my wishlist as they sound fun. Good review!

Liz @ Cleverly Inked said...

Reading, playing soccer up side down NOW that is a talent. Is it teachable?

I think I read the Vladimir Tod series..Interesting

YA Book Queen said...

Hmm...I'm still not really sure about these books...but now, Gregory, you have me wanting to read The Lightening Thief very badly (I keep hearing how awesome it is!).

Thanks for the review :)

Anonymous said...

When is the The Chronicle's of Vladimir Tod going to come into theaters? Is Alex Evans goin to be Vladimir Tod??? I'M JUST DYING TO FIND OUT I WANNA KNOW SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME!!!

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