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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sword of the Stranger

WE FINALLY GOT NETFLIX! (After bugging my mom for-EVER.)

And so for the maiden voyage we picked Sword of the Stranger! An amazing story of a boy and his dog...and his unbeatable samurai bodyguard.

Sword of the Stranger begins with a boy named Kotaro who is on the run from the Royal Army of China's Ming Dynasty. His faithful dog Tobimaru is by his side.

Early in their journey they meet a nameless samurai with whom Kotaro is less than warm but No-Name, as Kotaro calls him, is deemed
a worthy companion by Tobimaru (dogs always know best!)

When Tobimaru is poisoned protecting No-Name, Kotaro is forced to hire him as his bodyguard to save his beloved dog and best friend.

Sword of the Stranger is now one of my favorite movies. Perhaps it slows a bit in the middle but
that is easily overlooked because of the fabulous voice acting, the awesome animation, and the compelling storyline.

You care deeply about the characters and what happens to them, and it will have you naming your next pet Tobimaru. The fight sequences are realistic with a sliver of the ridiculous that makes everything feel less serious and more exciting.

BE WARNED SQUEAMISH MOVIE GOERS! (Written in red to accentuate some of the over-the-top bloodiness in some of the fight scenes.) While not oozing buckets of gore it does have a few parts that had Alyssa going "Ewww!" She's such a wuss.

If you have the means to see Sword of the Stranger I highly recommend you do so. Great characters, great plot, great fights... An over
all winner!


Blodeuedd said...

I do love stuff like that so I will definitely look into this movie :D

Cleverly Inked said...

I love the excited-ness about this movie.

Juju at Tales of said...

Great review. I love the your excitement too.

Lisa said...

Netflix is KEWL. Hey Alyssa,Gregory and Jake! Just popping in to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS to the coolest bunch of bloggers I know!

Have a great one! And HAPPY NEW YEAR, too!

Lisa said...

Oh and PS I just added your blog button~! It's georgous!

Jessica (BookLover) said...

This certainly sounds like a winner. Excellent review!

Ladytink_534 said...

I really want Netflix... :(

mariska said...

Thanks for the review. it's great !

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