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Monday, December 21, 2009

Hey Writers! Query Tracker has New Tools!

Here's something for any fellow writers out there.

I had the pleasure of meeting writer Suzette Saxton through Query Tracker when I won that writing contest last month. She was the one who contacted me about my win and we've been sending a few emails back and forth. What a great lady!

She just told me about some new social networking additions that Query Tracker is unrolling on their site. She just put up a blog post on these fabulous new networking tools.

Writing can be such a solitary endeavor, but by adding the social networking aspects, Query Tracker has opened a whole new way for writers to connect with and help other writers!

" - Not just for queries any more.

We all know that online networking is essential for writers to succeed in this modern age. So what do writers do? We haunt Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. I found myself wishing for a central listing site of WRITERS, a simple way to connect with all their sites from one single page."

If you're a writer or are interested in writing, Query Tracker is a fabulous way to find out about agents and track your querying activities.. and now a way to socially network. You can sign up for free!

So, any fellow writers, head over to the post. They lay out the new tools and how to use them. Have fun!


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