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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Parajunkee Design Wizard!

We Need A New Look!

We've been talking to Rach from Parajunkee's View because she also does web design. We're excited to say that sometime soon we should be sporting a gorgeous new look!

Check out her book review blog, Parajunkee's View but if you're in the market for a fresh, original and eye-catching design for your own blog, go to her design site, Parajunkee Design. You can get an idea of her wonderful talent...and she offers discounts to fellow bloggers, which is extremely generous. Take advantage!

She also has a contest on right now for an avatar. And we were wondering if, in our next contest, you guys would be interested in us doing something like including a prize of one of her designs for your own blog button. I know some people have them but we thought we'd check the interest from our followers.

Rach is a very busy lady. She is also part of Blog With Bite, that is a joint effort between Parajunkee's View, Froggaritaville's Bookcase, Book Whisperer, What Book is That, and Tina's Book Reviews. All wonderful sites that you should check out. And Blog With Bite also has it own ning site if you'd like to join. I'm telling you these ladies are networking fools!

And by the way, we thought you would appreciate a excerpt from one of the initial emails between her and us when we were trying to explain what we liked and didn't. Luckily this woman has a great sense of humor!

I wrote:
Overall the design can't be too girlie (because the two nimrods would smother me in my sleep), or too romantic (refer to previous 'smothering' comment) and really, I'm not much into that either. We all like more of the dark, mysterious and dangerous vibe, but we also enjoy wit and humor thrown in. Am I making any sense? Too much info? Does this help at all?

Okay, the two dorks just came back in and here are Jake's comments. I'll give you quotes:

JAKE: "It must have wizards fighting dragons that look like books. Then I could photoshop Gregory's face on one of the dragons and put my face on one of the majestic wizards so it looks I'm defeating Gregory. Alyssa could be a heavily cleavaged princess in distress. Wouldn't that be awesome!"

GREGORY: "Wait, why am I the wimp?"

JAKE: "You're not a wimp. You're a dragon."

GREGORY: "But I'm a wimpy dragon if I'm getting beaten by a lame wizard like you. And since when does Alyssa have heavy cleavage?"

JAKE: "It's fantasy. Shut up. I'm older. You have to do what I say."

Then they started a pillow fight and ran out of the room (screaming like girls, I might add.) We could start our own reality show!

That was it but then later Jake sent her this lovely artwork (below) as an example of what he was talking about. Don't know if you can tell but that's Jake's face on the wizard at the bottom and Gregory's face plastered on the dragon breathing fire.

Thankfully Rach wasn't too enthusiastic about his creative genius. She did suggest that the dragon was a bit over the top and maybe Gregory should be photoshopped onto a rabid squirrel instead. Didn't I tell you she was great!

Okay, back to tallying entries! We're getting there folks, I promise!


ParaJunkee said...

Ya'll are the best! I feel like a superstar! I got a crazy idea in the middle of the night:

Blodeuedd said...

Exciting, she does great work :D

Anonymous said...

You guys are a riot.....and your right parajunkee does awesome work!!!

Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

You guys are too funny!

Anonymous said...

LOL. The artwork looks ridiculous! Can't wait to see your new look!!!

Alyssa Kirk said...

ParaJunkee - You are a Superstar! You rock!

Good thing none of us have to talk right now since we still haven't been able to get our jaws off the floor. They hit it hard when we looked at your AWESOME, AMAZING, FANTABULOUS design! Good Lord, it''s... We're speechless! We'll email you later but we love it!

Blodeuedd - very exciting. She's awesome!

Tina - glad to provide a little humor. We loved the work she did on your blog. We pointed out how we liked the butterflies peppered down the length of the column and she incorporated the idea in our design. It looks great!

Michelle - Thanks. All the laughter helps us stay in shape!

Chase - Ridiculous? Surely you jest. It's creative genius! Or at least that's how Jake tries to sell it. Our new design will be UNBELIEVEABLE thanks to Rach at ParaJunkee

Alessandra said...

Wow, ParaJunkee makes some very nice designs. Can't wait to see what she comes up with, even though I actually like the red layout you have right now.

Anonymous said...

It is the season for new looks!

Lori Johnston said...

Ha ha ha!!! You guys gave me my first belly laugh of the day! :)

Can't wait to see your new look!

ParaJunkee said...

I took feedback to my designer minions I work with...and now I have to add the squirrel and wizard. I've never tried to draw a squirrel...

Tales of Whimsy said...

Too cool! Can't wait to see!

Para: What an awesome test site!

kalea_kane said...

It's a start. :) I can't wait to see your blogs new update. :)

mariska said...

Hahaha..Funny Artwork ! :)

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