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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Big Screen will SHIVER!

Another movie deal! Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater has just been picked up on a movie deal. Three movies actually because they bought the whole trilogy.

I liked this paranormal werewolf romance and if you haven't read it you can check out my review of Shiver.

Here is the official blurb from Maggies blog.

Unique Features picked up the film rights -- they are associated with Warner Brothers -- and this is the official word:

Unique Features has acquired screen rights to "Shiver," a bestselling supernatural romance novel by Maggie Stiefvater that is the first of a three-book series.
Pic will be produced by Unique Features partners Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne.

Book covers a bittersweet paranormal romance between a teen who becomes a wolf each winter and his girlfriend, who helps him find the secret to staying human. The first installment was published by Scholastic Press in August and has been on the bestseller lists for six weeks. The sequel novel, "Linger," will be published next August. Unique acquired all three books in the series.

Shaye and Lynne, who at New Line covered such fantasy and supernatural subject matter as "The Lord of the Rings" and "Blade," sparked to the author's voice, and said they couldn't ignore the grip that otherworldly stories have on young viewers.

"I'm not the biggest werewolf or vampire fan, but the author has a strong take on a young adult sensibility," Shaye said. "It's also a sexy love story that isn't too over the top."

Shaye and Lynne used their discretionary fund to acquire the book in a competitive bidding situation. They will bring it first to Warner Bros., where they have a first-look deal, and will set a writer shortly.

Unique adds "Shiver" to a slate of pic projects that include an adaptation of the Paul McCartney children's book "High in the Clouds," a Barry Levinson-directed adaptation of the musical "City of Angels" and the Broadway-bound musicals "Elf" and "Secondhand Lions."

Another good book is headed to the shiver, I mean silver, screen. So exciting! Any thoughts on who they should get to play the main characters, Grace and Sam?


Eleni said...

That's amazing news! I can't wait to see Sam on the big screen ;]

Krista said...

I haven't had a chance to read shiver yet! I need to before it hits the screen, though! Thanks for the update...

Tales of Whimsy said...

I haven't read this yet BUT I LOVED Lament and am SO excited for Maggie.
Plus I'm just crazy about wolf tales.

Sarbear said...

I also haven't read Shiver yet but I would love to see it as a movie... I'll have to get ahold of the book asap~!

Orchid said...

Congratulations Alyssa, you have won an award at my blog. :)

Sarbear said...

Thanks, Alyssa -- I love hearing from the authors and what helped them come up with the idea of the story.

Froggy said...

you know i have seen tons of great reviews on this..I went out and bought it and made it half way but still it wasn't dragging me into it like Twilight etc..i still haven't picked it back up to finish but i will. There are just so many great books out there to read!! :)

Shantal said...

Just finished ! and have to say I love it ! :)

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