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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Teaser Tuesday (2)

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly meme hosted by MizB at Should be Reading.
  • Here is how it works.
  • Grab the book you are currently reading (anything at all)
  • Open the book to any random page.Share a couple of "teaser" sentences from anywhere on the page.
  • Please Make Sure They Are Not Spoilers!(Don't Give Too Much Away) Just enough to pique our interest.
  • List the book and author so other participants can get theirhand on it if they choose to read it as well.

We are all in the midst of reading some good books so here are our Tuesday Teaser picks.

Gregory's reading...

The Battle of the Labyirnth (Percy Jackson) by Rick Riordan.

The last thing I wanted to do on my summer break, was blow up another school.

Jake's reading...

Proven Guilty (The Dresden Files) by Jim Butcher.

"You're dressed like a Frankenhooker and your hair has been dyed colors I previously thought existed only in cotton candy. I wouldn't waste time on worrying about a little mud on the boots."

Alyssa's reading...

The After by Amy Huntley

I'm dead. Not my-parents-told-me-to-be-gome-by-twelve-and-it's-two-o'clock-now dead. Just dead. Literally. I think.


The Hollow by Jessica Verday

Rolling my eyes, I said, "Seriously. Come on guys. I need you to be straight with me. Who are you?"
"I'm the headless horseman."

So what do you have to share?


Lisa said...

These are all AWESOME! A couple of them even made me laugh! Great teasers, guys!

Here's mine if you're interested:

Tales of Whimsy said...

Those are all SO good! I love the multiple teasers!

Anonymous said...

Haha, really great teasers! Very funny. I loved that line from The Everafter about being dead. Cute!

Here's mine:

Jennifer said...

Great teasers. Mine is here:

Ryan said...

Great teasers this week guys. The Riordan book is a favorite.

Eleni said...

All great teasers, I really wanna read The Everafter, and I'm still reading The Hollow..

Nikola said...

Awesome! Especially the Everafter one!

Here's mine

Anonymous said...

Haha Frankenhooker made me laugh. So many great teasers this week!
Here's my Teaser Tuesday.

Linda Nguyen said...

Awesome! I like how you're all posting your teasers. The Everafter is in my TBR pile. I hope to get to it soon! =)

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I really want to read The Everafter; it sounds amazing!

Linda Nguyen said...

To Alyssa,

my arc of The Everafter also says "The After" as the title, but there's a sticker on it and inside it saying that the final version is "The Everafter." The cover appears to remain the same. Just FYI. =) Maybe there wasn't a sticker on your copy or they only thought the title would change after they had sent your copy. =)

Alyssa Kirk said...

Linda Ellen - thanks for the info. I checked and no sticker on mine. Thanks, I was curious!

Gregory @ Teens Read and Write said...

Lisa - they are funny! Liked yours too!

Juju- Thanks. It's great when we all have something good!

Anna - that one is good. They are actually the first lines. Good start. Loved yours too!

Jennifer - Thanks, nices ones on your blog too!

Ryan - This Percy Jackson series is one of my favorites too!

Eleni - The Everafter is a quick and enjoyable read. I'll be interested in your take on The Hollow.

Nikola - liked yours too!

Alita - Dresden is always a screech! We all love him!

Linda Ellen - Hope you like the Everafter. It was a quick read for Alyssa. She's already done.

Sophie - Alyssa liked it and it was quick. Hope you get to read it soon!

To Everyone, Thanks for stopping by!

Lori Johnston said...

GREAT teasers!! Seriously the best this week, I think. And I love grouping them together!
Ummm . . . all of them are going to be reviewed, right? Because I'm dying of curiosity . . .

Krista said...

Oh, Great teasers! Love all the different books! I just got The Hollow and I'm so looking forward to diving into that one!

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