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Monday, September 28, 2009

So The Host by Stephanie Meyer is being made into a film. No big surprise. Money talks and big money screams.

If you want some more scoop on the details, check out this great post by our good friend Jessica at A Book Lover's Diary. She has lots of good info and queries about casting.

My question is (to those who have read the book) do you think this will make a great movie?

I loved the book. So different from Twilight. Really well done, great characters and fast paced, and very thought provoking. But I'm just not sure how they'd do the movie well since so much goes on mentally.

I mean the two main characters are always interacting in the one head and...okay it's hard to explain that's why I'm directing this to people who have read it but anyone can chime in.

Help me out? Can they do this well? How do you think they'll handle it? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I'm a sceptical about a movie version of this. It's going to be so difficult to capture both Wanda and Mel's personalities in one person, if you know what I mean!

Tales of Whimsy said...

I haven't read it *hangs head in shame* so I can't say.
But I am happy for Stephenie.
She's so cool and deserves all the success.

Crystal said...

At first, I was really excited to hear The Host was being made into a movie. I think the book is excellent. Then I started thinking about how the director and actors were going to portray the inner struggle between Wanda and Melanie. If they can pull it off, the movie is going to be awesome.

Lori Johnston said...

I'm with Juju - - I haven't read this either. Very, very different from Twilight and it seems like a much more difficult film to pull off.
But I would go see it, because I did enjoy Twilight so much.

Jenny said...

Oh great, now I'll have to read this one too, lol!! I can't stand to have the movie come out and me not have read the book. =)

Beth Dunn said...

I'll be curious how they do it too. I'm surprised they are making The Shack into a movie. But they some how manage. xoxo

Jessica said...

I think it definitely helps that Stephenie Meyer will be involved in the creative decisions. The movie can't be all bad when the author is involved either in the writing of the screenplay or the "putting together" of the movie, right?

Sarbear said...

Alyssa, I really enjoyed this book too. It was very different from Twilight. I think I'll love it but I really hope they look to some people who aren't yet MEGA MEGA stars for casting.

Jenny said...

Oh no, The Shack too? lol! That's another I've really been meaning to read!

Rachel said...

I have an award for you =)

Alyssa Kirk said...

Sophie - I know exactly what you mean!

Juju - you should read it. Honestly, I think it's better than Twilight, or just different. I'm happy for Stephanie too. I was at a writer's conference recently and some of the less successful writer's (but more literary) were insulting her and it really irritated me. Oh that green monster!

Crystal - I feel the same way. I so hope they pull it off!

Lori - yes, read it! And I'll be seeing the film too!

Jenny - I think you'll love it but don't expect another Twilight. Except for the fact of how she cleverly bypasses the having sex issue.

Beth - I hope they can do it. I've been hearing about the Shack and I haven't read it. I'll check it out!

Jessica - I'm sure Stephanie will have great input. I'm looking forward to seeing how they do this! Great post by the way.

Sarbear - It's a great book and will hopefully be a great movie. Yes, mega stars would be fabulous! Can't wait to see who they get!

Jenny - Okay, I've got to read the Shack.

Rachel - Thank you so much. I'll go check it out!

Thanks for all the feedback guys!

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