blo Teens Read and Write: Mega Book Giveaway Coming Soon!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mega Book Giveaway Coming Soon!

Our first book giveaway is coming soon!!!

We'll be giving away a multitude of books (in the double digits) and have several winners so keep an eye out because you do not want to miss this.

Getting extra points will include being a follower and subscriber and having us on your blogroll, and... you'll get extra points for already being a follower, or subscriber or already having us on your blogroll. So thanks for all of you with us already and you will get extra points for your support!

We're excited and can't wait to give away some books!

So what book(s) would you love to see included in our giveaway...What are you dying to read? We'd love the input and will try to include at least some of your choices!


Jessica said...

Ooh... I love giveaways!

Oh, and I have an award for you here:

I hope you don't mind. :)

Lisa said...

Boy do you guys know how to build suspense!!!! I am SUPER excited about your upcoming giveaway!!!!! I can't wait to see what some people suggest!

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