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Friday, August 28, 2009

17 Again

When my mom and sister came back from the video store with this one I gave them a ton of crap for it, but when we started watching it I was eating my words. I was pleasantly surprised by this movie, and as much as I make fun of Zac Efron he was actually really really good.

It starts out in 1989 with a 17-year-old Mike O'Donnell (Zac Efron) as the high school jock but without the big fat jerk attitude. His whole future is resting on this basketball game where the big college scout is checking him out. But just before the game starts he figures out that his girlfriend is pregnant and decides that he wants to support her and the baby instead of going to college, so he runs off the court kissing the girlfriend Scarlett hello but his college dreams good-bye.

Jump forward 20 years to see a depressed and separated Mike (Matthew Perry) who works as a sales rep and lives with his nerdy and now rich best friend Ned (Thomas Lennon) because he and Scarlett are getting a divorce. Mike has become a whiny jerk who feels like he has missed out on all the great things in life because he gave up his dreams to be husband and dad. (Once again proving my point that children are youth sucking dream killers.) So his wife is divorcing him and his kids don't want to have anything to do with him either.

While reminiscing at this old high school about his glory days a strange janitor asks him if he'd like to go back and then disappears. Later that night while driving home Mike spots the mysterious janitor about to jump of a bridge and while trying to save him, Mike falls in too. When he awakens he is "17 Again" and must figure out what his purpose is and find a way to change back, so he and Ned tell everyone that he is Ned's long lost son and off he goes back to his old high school.

This movie is really funny. Really really funny. What makes so hysterical is the best friend Ned. He notched this up to a must see. Ned is to this movie what George (Rupert Everett) was to My Best Friends Wedding. His house is decked out with everything Star Wars/Lord of the Rings/ and any fantasy movie/book you can think of. He wears pointed fairy ears and his bed is a replica of the hovercraft that Luke Skywalker rode around in. And then his attempts to woo the gorgeous principal are an absolute hoot!

Mike first goes to school dressed in the identical clothes that he saw K-Fed wear. He doesn't realize he looks 'like a douche' but Ned does and takes him shopping with his Black AmEx card for cool clothes and a $100,000 car. Now everyone wants to be Mike's friend.

He has to contend with his daughter's moronic, sex-crazed criminal element boyfriend, his son being bullied and humiliated by the moronic boyfriend, and of course he realizes he's still madly in love with his wife. She's drawn to him too but freaked out by the fact that she has this connection with a 17-year-old!

The scene where they are dancing and their son walks in on them is a riot. And then Scarlett's date shows up and Mike is not happy, and then there's the scene with Mike it the Sex Ed class and the teacher is handing out condoms to everyone, including his daughter...Mike freaks out and hilarity (and an emotional scene) ensues. I could go on and on.

I thought this movie would be a big fat waste of time and now, I've gotta tell you, get your hands on this move and watch it. It's laugh out loud funny and a great family flick for everyone of all ages to enjoy together!


Tales of Whimsy said...

I watched this with my husband, sister, and brother-in-law. Everyone (besides me) wasn't expecting much and ended up laughing their butts off. This movie rocked.

Jessica said...

I expected this movie to be good because Zac Efron is a good actor (I knew the moment I saw his emotional scene on Summerland). lol
And even though I also expected a comedy, I wasn't prepared for how much I enjoyed this movie and all the times I laughed.
Thanks for your review. :)

Jenny said...

This looks really good! I can't believe it's already on DVD!

Sarbear said...

Jake, I watched this movie on a plane back from Cancun -- I thought it was pretty fun too. I liked the woman they cast as the wife, and I loved the friend, Ned, hahaha.

Jake Kirk@Teens Read and Write said...

Juju - I think this movie is great for all ages and genders

Jessica - Even I had to admit that Zac Efron was good in this movie

Jenny - Go rent it! Were gunna buy it which doesn't happen often

Sarbear - I love Cancun too! This movie should have helped ease the depression of leaving such a fun place!

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

i thought it was funny too. :)

Sarbear said...

Jake, tell Alyssa she'll wanna look at my top commenters post. Your blog gets an award for it : ) I'm asking you to tell her bc last time I gave her an award, she didn't ever see, I don't think!

Jenny said...

I have an award for you here

Sarbear said...

Jake, award for YOU at my blog.

Jake Kirk@Teens Read and Write said...

Thanks for all of the awards guys! We really appreciate them!

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