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Monday, July 6, 2009

Harry Potter - A Book by Any Other Name

Here's an interesting trivia fact about the first Harry Potter book.

A book's title is sometimes different depending on the country. As for Harry Potter, the first book HP and the Sorceror's Stone, was actually HP and the Philosopher's Stone in England. The publisher was afraid that U.S. kids would find a philosopher boring and uncool which would translate into lower book sales.
JK Rowling's first choice was 'philosopher's stone' and she wishes she had kept it for the U.S. title but hey, at that point she was just happy to get her first book published!

So which title do you prefer?


Anonymous said...

That is just the kind of random fact I need in my life. Thank you for making me so much better informed. No, but really, I get a kick out of those things....make more.

Anonymous said...

oh...and I like the philosofers stone better. only because I'm determined to like what people from england like.

Alyssa Kirk said...

You are such a rebel!

Anonymous said...

oh yes Alyssa, I know, I know.

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