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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince review

Wow. This was a slap to the face. I came out of the movie theater thinking that it was alright but not great, but it wasn't until later while I was talking with my family about it that I soon realized how terrible it really was.

This installation follows Harry and friends during his 6th year at Hogwarts. Voldemort is still at large and the Death Eaters are kidnapping witches and wizards for evil purposes. It's up to Harry to discover Voldemorts secret to save the wizarding world (again).

Harry spends 9 months discovering secrets, finding horcruxes, and wasting time on a load of relationships. The theme here is feelings. Boring boring feelings. They spend more time developing romantic relationships between everyone than actually doing anything relevant to the story line or what was in the book!

Don't get me wrong, the 6th book wasn't the most exciting and there wasn't a lot of action, but I know what your thinking "Jake, at least there was the epic battle at the end where everybody in the school is fighting death eaters, and Bill gets bit by the werewolf, right?" WRONG! No epic battle! Just Harry running after Snape and the Death Eaters trying to see through his tears and shame while whimpering pathetically.

There were a few stars in this pit of dark disappointment. Moments that made me laugh and everyone did a great job as usual, especially Alan Rickman as Snape. He is always my favorite. But it isn't enough to pull this one out of the gutter.

If you're not a big Harry Potter fan and just want to go see something at the movies you'll probably walk out of the theater feeling you got your money's worth. Hwever, if you are a fan, wait for the DVD. Save your money, or go see Star Trek again.

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Nikola said...

Oh wow, I'm sad to see you didn't like the movie so much. Me on the other hand, absolutely loved it! I thought that Michael Gambon totally owned this film, and that Daniel gave his strongest performance so far. Also, the action sequences - I was speechless by how good they were. The beginning sucks you right in!

And here's some insider info ;) The reason they left out the battle in the end, is because there is a very similar battle at the end of book 7, so it was a risk (it could easily have been repetitive).

But thanks for the review, always nice to hear a second opinion! :)

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