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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We've Been Saving Lives! WEREling Winner and Pretty LIttle Liars On TV

Hey Guys!
Sorry to be MIA but we all started working full-time as lifeguards and have been uber busy. We're getting organized and will be back on track this week. We even have some fun contests coming in the next few days. Speaking of which...

The winner of our WEREling contest is:


Pretty Little Liars debuts tonight at 8pm on ABC Family. I didn't read the books but I'm going to record it. It's touted as a Desperate Housewives type of thing and I do enjoy the drama on Wisteria Lane!

Maybe it will be my new guilty pleasure, like Vampire Diaries. When is Elena going to realize that Damon is the real catch?! Wasn't the last episode fantastic! Loved the ending. But I digress...

Did you read the Little Liars books? Are you going to watch the series?

Rosewood is a perfect little town. So quiet and pristine, you'd never guess it holds so many secrets. Some of the ugliest ones belong to the prettiest girls in town -- Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily, four estranged friends whose darkest secrets are about to unravel.

One year ago, Alison, the Queen Bee of their group, disappeared and the girls swore they'd never tell what really happened that night. They thought their secrets would bond them together, but just the opposite is true. Then again, who's to say what the truth is in Rosewood. It seems everyone in town is lying about something.

Now, as the mystery surrounding Alison's disappearance resurfaces, the girls begin getting messages from "A," saying – and threatening – things only Alison would know. But it couldn't be Alison. Could it? Whoever it is, they seem to know all the girls' secrets, and seem to be watching their every move. The girls are friends again, but will they be there for each other if their dark secrets come to light?


Tales of Whimsy said...

I haven't read this yet. Should I?
I'm considering the show.
Thanks for the reminder ;)

I've missed you guys ;)

Amber Skye said...

I'm planning on watching the show tonight, but I haven't read the books yet. I've heard good things about them.

By the way, you guys have an award over at my blog :)

Anonymous said...

=D Thanks guys!!

fantasylover12001 said...

I've just finished the first Pretty Little Liars book this past weekend...basically it's less Desperate Houswives and more Gossip Girl version 2.0. But I've not really seen Desperate Housewives so I could be wrong and they are similar.
This is one of the rare cases I like the tv version better then the book version. The book version isn't written very well and I kind of detested all the characters but I really liked the mystery part of it. The show is better in that it's better paced, you don't have to deal with amatuerish writing nor do you get the annoying commentary from the characters. I 'll be watching the show as it's my new guilty pleasure now, I may be skipping on the books, we'll see.

Briana said...

Woohoo! Lifeguards! I am a fellow lifeguard as well! Ha. Pretty Little Liars! yay! I haven't read the books, though I do have them. Ha. I like the tv series so far, definitely has some suspense!


Ladytink_534 said...

I haven't read the Pretty Little Liars books yet but I will soon. I believe you can still read the first book online at Harper teen still...

Liz @ Cleverly Inked said...

I have not read the series..But part of the Secret Keeper Game. The premiere was pretty good

A Life Bound By Books said...

Congrats to the winner! I just finished reading this book - review should be posted soon. Then I'll be holding a giveaway of my own :D

As for Pretty Little Liars, I have yet to read them either, but I did Tivo the first ep and will be watching it sometime this weekend.

Sounds like your all crazy busy with Life-guarding! Enjoy the sun!

Aina Yasmin said...

People are talking about Pretty Little Liars.
They all must be pretty excited!
I would be if I am in US.

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