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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blogs We Love

As we find great blogs for YA reviews we'll let you know and add them to our blog roll. These sites may not review all YA all the time but check the archives for great info.

- Jake-the-girl has a bookstore and blog, A Million Words. Sarah Dessen just did an author visit. Check out the video. Jake even provided several books for us to review. Very generous! Thanks Jake!

- Colleen Mondor an excellent long time reviewer has two blogs we love. A busy and talented lady! Check out Chasing Ray and GuysLitWire. Right now she's got a great post on Chasing Ray about YA girl detectives.

- John Mesjak is a publishing sales rep and puts up reviews of three books at a time, hence the title my3books. One of his first posts covered three YA picks.
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